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Yorkshire Ripper Sutcliffe’s twisted mind – including belief he was son of God

Serial killer Peter Sutcliffe has died following a battle with Covid-19 that saw his lungs collapse as he refused medical treatment.

The Yorkshire Ripper killed 13 women and attempted to kill seven others in a series of attacks across Leeds and Bradford between 1975 and 1980.

He was finally caught and convicted of his evil crimes in 1981 and was sentenced to 20 concurrent life sentences, later changed to a whole life order in 2010.

Sutcliffe spent years behind bars at Broadmoor Hospital, where he met ex-lag James Grant, 66, who said his experience with Sutcliffe "haunted" him.

He also said the Yorkshire Ripper had a shrine dedicated to Christ, with a large painting of Jesus emblazoned on the wall.

Grant said as he looked closer, he realised the picture wasn’t Jesus on the cross, but Sutcliffe himself.

He said: "I walked into his cell on laundry duty.

"I stared into his eyes. They were black eyes as if they no pupils. I turned and saw this big painting of Christ on the cross.

"But as I looked closer, I could see it wasn’t Jesus – it was him – with his jet black hair and beard."

"I thought to myself, 'what a w*****r'."

Sutcliffe’s connection with God prevented him from receiving treatment at HMP Franklin, despite him being "gravely ill".

He reportedly had "difficulty breathing" and "could barely sleep," and was "terrified" of Covid-19.

The Yorkshire Ripper was convinced he would "go to heaven when he dies" and even said his crimes against sex workers were a mission from God.

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In a chilling recording, the Yorkshire Ripper said he had first heard God when he was a teen and his grandmother passed away.

He said his Grandmother fell down the stairs and never recovered, and heard the Lord telling him not to "blame himself" for her death.

Sutcliffe said: "I said Grandma be careful, there’s a kittens’ playing there, and clonk clonk she still kept coming down.

"And she stepped on one and all blood came out of its mouth, and she killed one.

"A week after she died, a week after I shouted at her she died and it was a shock when I saw her foot come down on a kitten."

Peter was moved to Frankland Prison after more than 30 years in Broadmoor psychiatric hospital, where he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

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