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Murder charge after man dies in incident in West Auckland

A man has been charged with murder after a 62-year-old died after an incident in West Auckland last night.

Police were called to Waitaki St, in Glendene, about 9.15pm yesterday.

“Police were called to a disturbance at an address,” a statement said.

“Police have located a man seriously injured and sadly he has died at the scene.”

Police confirmed at 11.05am, that the man who later died was aged 62.

“Despite efforts to provide him with medical assistance, he died at the scene,” police said.

After a search, a 39-year-old man was located and has since been charged with murder.

“Police have been making enquiries overnight to locate the alleged offender and he was spotted by an off-duty Police officer this morning who called 111,” Detective Inspector Kevin McNaughton said.

“Police quickly arrived and located the 39-year-old man.

“The alleged offender and victim were believed to have been known to each other.”

A scene examination is taking place at the property.

A witness at the scene last night told the Herald a woman could be seen crouching near a power transformer looking “downhearted”.

The Police Eagle helicopter hovered overhead and a police dog unit was also brought in, he said.

“Two people were removed from the scene by detectives shortly after 10pm – neither were in handcuffs,” he said.

Officers were also seen taking away a dog from the property.

They kept to themselves

Several residents whose homes were within a cordon put up by police had to wait for some time before being allowed back into their properties, the witness said.

A neighbour said the family generally kept to themselves.

“They have been working on their house lately – on trees and stuff,” they said.

Another update is due later today, police said.

“Our community can be assured we have a team of police officers working quickly to identify the person or persons involved in this incident.”

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