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Christchurch Uber driver who raped passenger loses bid to have conviction quashed

A Christchurch Uber driver who raped a passenger has failed in his bid to have his conviction quashed.

Moses Ravanes was found guilty by a jury of raping an intoxicated woman passenger in July last year.

He was sentenced to six years and six months in jail.

He tried to appeal that conviction citing issues with how the trial judge handled the case.

The Court of Appeal has dismissed the claim.

The victim had spent the night socialising with a friend in central Christchurch and became intoxicated.

Shortly after midnight her friend arranged for an Uber to drive her home and she was collected by Ravanes.

After stopping once to allow the woman to vomit on the side of the road, Ravanes pulled the vehicle over a second time.

He then climbed over the centre console and began forcefully kissing the woman before raping her.

Ravanes argued the sex was consensual.

Ravanes was previously a carpenter in his home country of the Philippines and had taken up Uber driving to supplement his income.

Now he had been jailed, his family would have to return to the Philippines.

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