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Donald Trump 2024: President could announce election rerun on Biden’s Inauguration Day

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President Trump continues to claim victory over the 2020 US election after President-elect Biden was called as the winner. Mr Trump has accused the Democratic Party of widespread electoral fraud despite multiple failed legal pursuits.

Three sources close to Trump’s administration told The Daily Beast that President Trump has spoken to his close advisors and confidants about a potential 2024 run for office.

They also revealed how Mr Trump could announce his rerun in order to disturb President-elect Biden’s first term in the White House.

Two of the sources told The Daily Beast that Mr Trump, in the past two weeks, has contemplated the idea of doing a “2024-related event” during Mr Biden’s inauguration week.

They added that the president flouted the idea of possibly holding the event on Inauguration Day in January if his continued legal efforts to win the 2020 election fail.

Two sources also told the Daily Beast that Mr Trump has privately bragged that he would still remain in the media’s attention even if Mr Biden takes office.

They said this is because Mr Trump believes the news media will keep the spotlight on him regularly as he gets them ratings and those same outlets find Mr Biden “boring”.

This comes amid other claims that the president is considering a 2024 presidential run.

Mr Trump would be constitutionally eligible to rerun for US President in 2024 as he has only served one term in the White House.

On Thursday, sources told Bloomberg that the president’s national security advisor Robert O’Brien told Mr Trump’s he’d like to support him if he runs again in 2024.

According to Bloomberg, Mr O’Brien told the president: “If you do that—and I think I speak for everybody in the room—we’re with you 100 percent.”

Last week two separate polls also revealed that a majority of Republican voters want Mr Trump to run again in 2024.

A survey conducted by Seven Letter Insight showed that 66 percent of Republican voters who took part in the study want Mr Trump to run for re-election in 2024.

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Another survey conducted by Politico and Morning Consult found that Mr Trump would win the Republican presidential nomination in 2014 if he decided to run again.

On Thursday, Mr Trump said he will leave the White House if Mr Biden is formally confirmed as the next US President.

Speaking to reporters at the White House for the first time since losing the election, Mr Trump continued to refuse to concede.

He insisted that “this race is far from over”.

Electors in the US are set to meet on December 14 to formalise the election results.

President-elect Biden is then due to be inaugurated on January 20 next year.

Mr Biden leads the president with 306 votes to 232 under the US electoral college system which gives him a huge win over Mr Trump.

Earlier this week, the president agreed to allow the formal transition of Mr Biden’s team to begin after it had been delayed.

At the White House on Thursday, Mr Trump said: “It’s going to be a very hard thing to concede because we know there was massive fraud.”

However the claims of fraud have been dismissed by independent election experts.

Mr Trump is not required to concede in order for President-elect Biden to take office.

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‘Embarrassment for EU!’ Verhofstadt sparks backlash after stepping in over Brussels crisis

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Both nations are currently at loggerheads with the bloc over an investigation into controversial legal reforms which Brussels claims undermine the independence of judiciaries and media. The EU is threatening to attach conditions to the handout of EU grants in a move which has enraged both Viktor Orban and Mateusz Morawiecki, the Prime Ministers of Hungary and Poland respectively.

Speaking in Budapest yesterday, they warned they were ready to veto the EU’s £1.6trillion budget unless Brussels relents.

However, MEP Mr Verhofstadt, who was the European Parliament’s Brexit representative, tweeted: “No, Mr Orbán and Mr Morawiecki, the rule of law is not a question of sovereignty or subsidiarity but a founding principle of the European Union to protect our citizens.

“That’s why Poland and Hungary signed up to it when they joined.

I am proud to be an Englishman and from the Country that told you all to get lost

Jimmy E Moorby

“And why it is non-negotiable now!”

His post prompted a mixed reaction on Twitter.

Angry at the EU not going far enough, Antonio Santo asked: “How much longer before the EU puts these people in their place?

Ted Loch-Temzelides added: “Such an embarrassment for the EU.

“There should be a mechanism for kicking Hungary and Poland out of the block as they are sinking more and more towards authoritarianism. Where does the EU draw the line?”

But, some commentators appeared to attack the MEP over the EU’s demands.

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JimmyEMoorby commented: “I am proud to be an Englishman and from the country that told you all to get lost.

“I have no doubt you will try to bully us and demoralize us in the coming years but we will win.”

Steve Hills added: “Hmmm. A sovereign state being ‘stopped’ from disagreeing eh.

“Christ I’m glad we’re nearly shot of the EU.”

Made in Devon 63, wrote: “The moral of the story is never, ever sign up to anything remotely connected with the EU because they will stitch you up and rip you off. That’s why we left.”

Other critics asked why Mr Verhofstadt felt he had the right to tell the two eastern European nations what to do.

Jacek Wiscicki asked: “Who are you to decide for Poland and Hungary?”

Schwimm Richtung added: “They do have a law in Hungary and it rules there. Problem solved.”

Mr Verhofstadt was not without his supporters though.

Arne Visser said: “Thanks for holding up the EU values strongly!

“For Poland & Hungary it is a matter of (painful) time before the regimes get voted out by the younger, more democratic values oriented generations, understanding that only TOGETHER in a strong EU we’re able to face the many challenges!”

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Barnier to hold urgent meeting with EU fishing ministers to plea for Brexit compromise

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The Brussels diplomat is expected to say a concession in the row over future access to Britain’s coastal waters is needed to get a deal over the line. It is understood the Frenchman sees the shift as necessary to pave the way for Downing Street to move towards the bloc’s demand for common standards. One source said: “That’s the price the UK needs to pocket for a compromise on the level playing field.”


The meeting was described as “urgent” with Mr Barnier still expected to travel to London to resume in-person talks with UK counterpart Lord Frost.

The Frenchman is also expected to brief EU ambassadors on the wrangling over the post-Brexit future relationship pact.

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‘Shouldn’t be giving money to China!’ Dodds flounders as Burley grills her on foreign aid

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The Sky News host confronted the Labour Shadow Chancellor as she claimed the Government’s “mismanagement” of funds would cost lives in the poorest areas of the world. But Kay Burley argued the cuts on foreign aid announced by Rishi Sunak on Wednesday are “backed by the British people”. To which Ms Dodds replied: “If there is mismanagement within the aid budget then Government needs to get a grip on that.

“I have to say I haven’t seen widespread evidence for example on contracts being drawn up with the wrong parameters.”

But the Sky News host blasted: “We shouldn’t be giving money to China, surely!”

The Labour MP argued any contractual agreement the Government makes should be agreed in the national interest, including contracts signed by Boris Johnson’s team to handle the coronavirus pandemic. 

She said: “I don’t think that we should have contracts anywhere that don’t deliver in the national interest.

“We’re talking about eye-watering amounts of money, billions upon billions of pounds that have been wasted during this crisis.

“And I would like to see the Chancellor getting far more of a grip on that rather than knocking back economic confidence in the way that many of those measures announced yesterday will do.”

Appearing on Sky earlier on Thursday morning, Chancellor Rishi Sunak insisted Britain is not turning its back on the world’s poorest as he defended the Government’s plan to cut the foreign aid budget.

He said: “Is it a difficult decision? Of course it is a difficult decision – no one wants to be having to make these difficult decisions.

“But this is about an economic emergency that I described yesterday and we’re going to have record-level peacetime borrowing and debt…

“I don’t think anyone could characterise our level of support for the poorest countries as turning our back.

“We’ll be spending more as a percentage of GDP than France, Canada, the US, Japan.”

He said he was “very proud” of the UK’s contribution to tackling the world’s most difficult problems.

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A number of prominent Conservatives publicly expressed concern at the move – which formed part of the party’s manifesto – as the Government’s economic forecasts were questioned by some economists.

The Prime Minister and Mr Sunak addressed a virtual meeting of the 1922 Committee of Tory backbench MPs on Wednesday night to try and firm up support for their approach.

Former foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt and ex-prime minister David Cameron, were among those criticising the plans to cut overseas aid from 0.7 percent to 0.5 percent of gross national income (GNI).

The GNI in 2019 was £2.17trillion, meaning a drop from 0.7 percent to 0.5 percent would account for more than £4billion.

It prompted Foreign Office minister Baroness Sugg to quit in protest and, in her resignation letter to Mr Johnson, she called it the “fundamentally wrong” move, telling the Prime Minister it would “diminish our power to influence other nations to do what is right”.

Other Tories critical of the move included former international development secretary Andrew Mitchell and chairman of the Commons defence committee Tobias Ellwood.

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China condemns Britain for ‘poking nose’ in Hong Kong affairs as tensions escalate

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In a new report, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab described the “chilling effects” of a new security law which breaches the UK-China treaty on Hong Kong under Chinese sovereignty. Mr Raab said the National Security Law, signed on June 30, is making it difficult for Hong Kong citizens to “exercise their fundamental rights and freedoms”.

He is also considering pulling British judges out of Hong Kong’s highest court.

The report questions China’s commitment to the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ framework which allowed Hong Kong to retain its own economic and administrative systems.

Mr Raab said: “This has been, and continues to be, the most concerning period in Hong Kong’s post-handover history.”

Zhao Lijian, China’s foreign ministry spokesperson, hit back on Tuesday, accusing Britain of “hurling unfounded accusations”.

Speaking at a press briefing, Mr Zhao said: “It has already been 23 years since Hong Kong returned to the motherland, and yet the British government still tries to poke its nose into Hong Kong affairs while hurling unfounded accusations at China by publishing the so-called Six-monthly Report on Hong Kong.



“We firmly oppose and strongly condemn this.”

He said China is “earnestly implementing the principles” of One Country, Two Systems, adding that the UK “has no right of supervision” and “no right to interfere”.

The six-monthly report, published on Monday, also cited a second breach of the treaty – the disqualification of elected legislators in Hong Kong.

Alvin Yeung, Dennis Kwok, Kwok Ka-ki and Kenneth Leung, four opposition lawmakers, were banned from attending the parliament of Hong Kong this month.

The four MPs were accused of endangering national security by Beijing.

Mr Raab described in the foreword how the controversial National Security Law “has damaged freedom of expression in academia, schools and libraries, including through the removal of textbooks and other books containing certain political content.”

He added: “It has been used as the basis for a raid on a leading Hong Kong newspaper and the arrest of its owner.

“Hong Kong police regularly threaten arrests under its provisions in response to the chanting or display of political slogans during demonstrations.

“Uncertainties about how the provisions in the law might be used in future is reportedly having a wider chilling effect on the exercise of freedoms through encouraging self-censorship.”

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The National Security Law came into effect at 11pm on June 30, one hour before the 23rd anniversary of the city’s handover to China from British rule.

Key elements include Hong Kong establishing its own national security commission to enforce laws, with an adviser assigned by Beijing.

It gives Beijing power over implementation of laws.

Life sentences for crimes of secession, terrorism or collusion with foreign forces also form part of it and allowing certain trials to be heard behind closed doors.

Damaging public transport is considered terrorism and Beijing opened a new security office in Hong Kong which can send cases to be tried in mainland China.

Britain ruled Hong Kong for over 150 years until it handed it back to China in 1997.

In 1984, Britain agreed to hand Hong Kong back to China under the terms of the Sino-British Joint Declaration.

Beijing vowed to respect Hong Kong’s autonomy under the ‘one country, two systems’ agreement.

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Fears of TOTAL WAR in south Asia explode as Pakistan accuses India of backing terrorism

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The nuclear armed rivals have fought each other four times since independence, with three of the conflicts taking place over the disputed territory of Kashmir. India has faced an insurgency in Kashmir since 1989 from nationalist and Islamist elements which it has long accused Pakistan of stoking.

On Monday India submitted a dossier to the UN accusing Pakistan of systematically supporting terrorism within its territory.

One day later Pakistan submitted a similar document accusing India of backing terrorism in Pakistan.

Munir Akram, Pakistan’s UN ambassador, called on the international community to “take note of Indian terrorism and subversion against Pakistan and to prevail on India to desist from these illegal and aggressive activities”.

He claimed India is in violation of Security Council resolutions condemning terrorism and the UN Charter.

However an Indian spokesman fired back arguing it is Pakistan that has been backing terrorism.

He said: “Pakistan can cry hoarse from the rooftops.

“But they cannot change the fact that they are the epicentre of terrorism.

“Their lies have no takers.”

India and Pakistan have contested control of Jammu and Kashmir, a Muslim dominated region currently split between the two powers, since both became independent in 1947.

Last week India alleges four gunmen, from the Pakistan based group Jaish-e-Mohammad, crossed into Indian controlled Kashmir using a tunnel.

After being spotted they opened fire, though there are no reports of any casualties.

Pakistan has strongly denied any involvement in the attack.


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Earlier this month Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, directly accused India of being involved with terrorism.

He commented: “We have provided irrefutable evidence of India’s state sponsored terrorism inside Pakistan.

“Details of financial & material support & Indian state’s direct involvement in terrorism have been given to the world which, in the face of this evidence, cannot remain indifferent or silent.

“We expect the international community to force India to end its terrorism & bring to justice those responsible for killing thousands of innocent people in Pakistan.

“Our resilient & courageous security agencies & forces will continue to give their all to protect our people.”

The remarks were greeted with a firm denial by Indian authorities.

In February 2019 tensions between India and Pakistan exploded into armed clashes along their contested border.

India conducted strikes inside Pakistan aimed at a militant group it blamed for a suicide car bombing which killed 40 Indian troops.

Pakistan retaliated and during the conflict an Indian F-15 fighter jet was shot down.

It’s pilot, wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman, was taken prisoner and later released back into Indian hands.

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Britons furious as Biden picks Brexit-hater for top US job – ‘We are NOT America’s poodle’

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Joe Biden, who will take over from Donald Trump next January, named Antony Blinken as his choice for secretary of state. Mr Blinken has been a longtime confidant of the President-elect, and has also expressed highly critical views of Brexit.

Mr Blinken, who served as deputy national security adviser in President Barack Obama’s administration, once described Britain’s decision to exit the EU as a “total mess” and compared it to far-right Marine Le Pen’s rise in France.

Speaking on the Pod Save the World podcast, the American previously described the UK’s handling of Brexit as “the dog that caught the car and then the car goes into reverse and runs over the dog. It’s a total mess”.

He said “our interests would have been in keeping Britain in”. readers have reacted furiously to the news, as the UK has yet to agree a post-Brexit trade deal with the US.

But many readers were optimistic that Mr Biden’s Presidency would not thwart the UK’s success once it had left the EU.

One person wrote: “Biden can pick who he wants, it will make no difference to the UK, trade is trade, and we have the rest of the world, plus four years is not long to wait until Biden is history.”

Another said: “Good for him… I hope he will be very happy with his Brexit hating buddy…

“Meanwhile the UK continues to progress without the help of this idiot!”

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A third fumed: “We are NOT AMERICAS POODLE if Joe doesn’t want to trade with the uk well ce la vie we are able to trade around the world with bigger friends than Joe, so bring it on!”

One user claimed anyone who opposes Brexit is also opposed to democracy.

They wrote: “If he hates Brexit he hates democracy.”

Another reader said: “Staying in the EU, would have been a ‘Blinkin mess’.”

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One reader said the UK should not fear Mr Blinken’s appointment, and suggested Britain should ditch hopes of a trade deal with the US altogether.

They wrote: “Are we supposed to be scared of this person.

“If that is the intent then its failed dramatically and to be honest I for one would not like a deal under Biden or the democrats, too biased for me and sane thinking people!”

Another person suggested Mr Blinken will be “powerless” to act on his anti-Brexit views.

They wrote: “Yes Blinken can voice his displeasure but ultimately is powerless to affect any meaningful political change in the UK, but he’s welcome to his beliefs.”

Boris Johnson has so far sought to prioritise a UK-US free trade agreement.

But his efforts may be about to hit a brick wall, as Mr Biden opposes Brexit and has reservations about the Prime Minister, who he once likened to a “physical and emotional clone” of Mr Trump.

The President-elect is likely to forge closer ties with the EU during his tenure, which could hamper the UK’s attempts to secure a prosperous trade deal with the US.

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Brexit deal done in DAYS as Boris phones Von der Leyen to secure trade agreement with EU

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Downing Street said there are still issues that need to be resolved as talks resumed today. But the Prime Minister and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen are poised to talk to push an agreement over the line.

Irish premier Micheal Martin fuelled hopes of a breakthrough being made within days.

He said: “I would be hopeful that by the end of this week we could see the outline of a deal.

“That remains to be seen. It’s down to political will. One must remain hopeful that a deal can be arrived at.”

But Government sources warned the assessment was “optimistic”.

MPs and MEPs are facing emergency sittings to rush through any deal before the end of the year.

No 10 said Parliament has shown that it can “act at pace” when it needs to pass legislation swiftly.

Brussels is hoping to have a pact signed off by Monday to allow legislation to be passed in the European Parliament at a special sitting on December 28.

Talks resumed online today after they were brought to an abrupt halt last week when an EU official tested positive for coronavirus.


Negotiators Lord Frost and Michel Barnier are expected to meet face to face again at the end of the week.

Mr Barnier said: “Time is short. Fundamental divergences still remain, but we are continuing to work hard for a deal.”

Fishing rights and state subsidies are the key outstanding issues holding up progress.

A No 10 spokesman said the UK has been very clear that it will become an independent coastal nation.

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“We will take back control of access to our waters,” he added.

The spokesman insisted there will not be any extension to the transition period.

Brussels sources expect a last-minute trade-off on the so-called level-playing field and reduced access to Britain’s coastal waters to help get a deal across the line.

EU Parliament Brexit representative Christophe Hansen said the bloc would have to be prepared to meet Boris Johnson’s fisheries demands in order to clinch an agreement.

The Luxembourgish MEP said: “There will be compromises to be made on fisheries.

“The status quo, that is somewhere we’re not going to land.”

Bernd Lange, the EU Parliament’s trade chief, said: “It’s already five past midnight.

“We need a text, otherwise ratification and democratic scrutiny by the European Parliament will be a farce.”

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‘They can sling their hook!’ Britons furious as France warns UK fishing terms WON’T change

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France has been fervently opposed to any changes to the current fishing policies in a post-Brexit trade with the UK. The hardline stance has caused havoc in negotiations, and the latest claims by the French have infuriated readers.

Nathalie Loiseau, a close ally of President Emmanuel Macron, has claimed the CFP has “so far been a success”.

When questioned by Sky News’ Sophy Ridge whether it was right for British fishermen to have access to more fish, the French MEP responded: “Why should we ruin something that works?”

The exchange provoked a furious response from readers, who took to the comment section to state the CFP has not been beneficial for British trawlers.

One person said: “‘Thanks’ to the common fisheries policy, we have lost almost half our fishing fleet over the past 30 years and become a net importer of fish netted in our waters!

“It is time to take back that which is rightfully ours!”

A second reader wrote: “The Common Fisheries Policy has been a huge success for the French, and other EU countries.

“It allowed them to gain control of the UK’s natural resource our fisheries.

“That is a mistake we made that is being rectified.

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“The EU and particularly the French can sling their hook into someone else’s waters.”

A third fumed: “Just illustrates how ‘simple minded’ many Eurocrats are …!!

“Suggesting the rip-off of +80 percent of our fish … could be considered … good for us.

“A success for who exactly? Certainly … not the UK.”

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Readers continued to mock Ms Loiseau’s claim the CFP has been beneficial for all states.

One person said: “The CFP decimated British fishing when it was introduced.

“We don’t give a damn now about how EU fishermen will suffer as a result of the UK leaving the EU.

“No one in the EU gave a damn when British fishermen had to sell or moor their boats while their business were closing down in droves.

“If the CFP works for the EU then let it…………just stay out of UK waters that are no longer part of the EU CFP rip off.”

A second reader wrote: “The French would say the CFP has been a success wouldn’t they, after all it is done in such a way that they get the lions share of fish caught and the UK get scraps.”

Fishing remains of the biggest hurdles to a deal between Britain and the EU, though the two sides are believed to be nearing an agreement.

Whitehall officials are confident a deal can be secured by November 30th so draft legislation can be passed.

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Brexit trade: UK set for ‘more advanced’ Canada talks to deliver ‘much more’ than EU deal

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International Trade Secretary Liz Truss has confirmed the UK and Canada have agreed to begin “more advanced” negotiations once Britain is finally freed from the shackles of the EU on January 1, 2021. On Friday, the UK finalised a post-Brexit deal with Canada to protect the flow of goods and services worth £20billion.

Boris Johnson said the extension of existing EU terms was a “fantastic agreement for Britain”.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said both would look at ways to “maximise our trade opportunities”.

The UK has now agreed trade deal with more than 50 countries around the world, worth more than £150billion.

Ms Truss said: “We have also agreed to start negotiating a more advanced trade deal next year, which will be more ambitious in areas such as digital trade, women’s economic empowerment and the environment.

“We will build on this in our presidency of the G7, working with like-minded democracies such as Canada to promote our priorities around the world.”

Writing in Sunday Telegraph, she added: “This deal will allow us to take our economic relationship to new heights.

“It also takes us a step closer to hitching ourselves to one of the most dynamic trading areas in the world.”

The International Trade Secretary added the UK would look towards joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership made up of 11 nations, including Canada, Japan and Australia.

Ms Truss explained this would give Britain access to a market which is equivalent to 13 percent of global GDP – worth around £11trillion.

In a major swipe at the EU, Ms Truss insisted “they thrive under modern, business-friendly rules which offer much more than the EU could for the industries of the future”.

She added: “Together, we would form a coalition of the willing in the fight for free and fair trade which would push back against protectionism and those who would try to subvert the world’s rules-based system.”

Over the past two years the UK has agreed deals with 53 nations worth £164billion.

Ms Truss confirmed the UK was not done yet and is working on agreements with the US, Australia and New Zealand in order to “turbocharge” industries.

She said: “We are working flat out to reach new gold-standard arrangements with the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.


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“Seizing these opportunities will bring home jobs, economic growth and investment.

“This is how we will revive our industrial heartlands, turbocharge our services and take our digital trade to the next level.”

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