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On the 25th, Hyundai Motors announced that it will be able to test drive the Sonata N line in a virtual space in ‘Zeppetto’ of Metabus platform Naver Jet (NAVER Z).

Hyundai Motor became the first company in the industry to implement its vehicles on the Metabus platform to provide a test drive experience. Zeppetto users will be able to test drive the Sonata N line in the popular downtown and driving zones on the map.

Hyundai Motor also expects the car content production and marketing effects of the MZ generation by allowing the use of the Sonata in Zeppetto’s video and photo booth, which can produce videos and images using its avatars.

“We will expand our customer experience to the virtual world platform, where the MZ generation is the main user, with the Sonata with excellent marketability as a medium,” a Hyundai Motor official said. “We will expand our future models and continue to implement vehicles on various global platforms and build a brand image that leads new technologies.”.

The financial sector is also active in using metabus. Executives are in the midst of finding ways to utilize the meeting, such as conducting it in a metabus or continuing related research. It is interpreted as a strategy to catch the MZ generation, the mainstream of the Metabus world and a major customer of the financial sector, and use it as a future food.

On the 28th, Kim Tae-oh, chairman of DGB Financial Group, held a meeting on management issues using metabuses with CEOs of affiliates. The metabus used at this time was Zeppetto of Naver Jet.

Chairman Kim and each representative made their own avatar and accessed the virtual conference room set up on a map dedicated to financial holding companies. This is the second meeting after DGB Financial Group executives held a management meeting in Zeppetto last month.

In the case of Shinhan Card, President Lim Young-jin met with Professor Kim Sang-kyun of Kangwon National University and signed a project agreement ceremony on the 15th to explore ways to use metabus. Professor Kim wrote his books ‘Metabus’ and ‘ Metabus New Opportunity’. “Shinhan Card in Metabus will serve as an opportunity to provide new values and experiences to Generation Z and customers, breaking away from the existing solid image of the financial sector,” a Shinhan Card official said.

Analysts say that this metabus strategy in the financial sector is part of a public relations strategy for the MZ generation rather than as a means of generating 구글상위작업 profits immediately. Zeppetto has an absolute majority of the MZ generation, with 80% of the 200 million subscribers (as of February) under the age of 18. U.S. metabus platform Loblocks has 50% of teenagers under the age of 16 and has an average of 40 million daily users. Hana Financial Research Institute has published a study that said, “It is necessary to introduce pilot-level metabus technology and review the development of metabus financial contents for the MZ generation.”.

Analysts say that if technologies that utilize Metaverse develops and user inflow continues, it may replace on-site tasks such as installing virtual branches in Metaverse or introducing and promoting products for customers. Global financial companies are in their early stages, but they are already introducing metabus technology for field work.

Toronto-Dominion Bank in Canada shows its investment portfolio through augmented reality (AR) devices when VIP customers request investment consultations. Commonwealth Bank of Australia replaced offline real estate with AR devices that scanned surrounding real estate. KB Financial Group Management Institute also proposed opening a digital branch in Zeppetto and operating a digital training center.

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