I had nothing to fear

The four actors, Jun-seok (Yoo Oh-sung), Dongsu (Jang Dong-gun), Sang-taek (Seo Tae-hwa), and Jung-ho (Jung Un-taek), have been close friends since they were young, but they were also bad children who stole items from stores. Over time, they became high school students, and Dongsu became a fist fist fist player, so they became school mates. Later, at the girls’high school festival, he fell in love with the band Rainbow and met him at Jun-seok’s house, and the blind relationship between Jun-seok, Dong-soo, Sang-taek and Jin-sook began, and while meeting Jin-sook, he got into a fight with a bully at another school, and the crisis was overcome by Dong-soo, who ran to him. After that, the four had a gang fight, and Jun-seok and Dong-soo were suspended, and Sang-taek felt sorry for Jun-seok, who could not go to school anymore because of him, stole the rent from his parents’apartment, ran away, and asked Jun-seok to go to Seoul with the deposit 웹하드쿠폰 for the apartment, but Jun-seok refused. Later, Sang-taek and Joong-ho went to college, and Jun-seok was seriously addicted to drugs due to the shock of his mother’s death, and Dong-soo was imprisoned. Jun-seok, who was addicted to drugs, abused Jin-sook by using all kinds of sexual insults and abusive language to Jin-sook and later joined a gang. Dong-soo, who was released from prison, also joined the gang, and Jun-seok dissuaded him, saying Cha Sang-gon’s organization was not a gangster but a gangster, but Dong-soo refused, saying he was better than a mortician, and eventually Dong-soo and Jun-seok became irreversible. At a time when he was unhappy with Dong-soo’s organization invading the area of Jun-seok’s organization little by little, Dong-soo blew the whistle on Hyung-doo, and Jun-seok’s subordinate and old friend Doruco can’t leave Cha Sang-gon alone, so let’s work on the guy under him and give him a warning, but Doruco was planning something. One night, Doruko sent his members to Dongsu’s house to attempt an attack, but he failed when Dongsu, who expected it, beat them all up. In revenge for this, Dongsu’s organization raided a port warehouse managed by Toruko, killing Junseok’s close aide Toruko, a gang member Zzanga, and assaulting and killing workers working in the warehouse. Later, there was a scene in which Jun-seok teaches gang members how to use a knife, which became controversial for teaching them how to murder in the film, and there was actually a murder imitating it. As the dispute between the two organizations intensified, he talked to Dong-soo and Jun-seok, and Jun-seok told Dong-soo to go to Hawaii until the situation calms down, but Dong-soo refused, saying, “You should go to Hawaii,” and Jun-seok goes out bitter, but Joon-soo tries to see off Sang-taek leaving for the U.S. as if he felt sorry for Jun-seok. However, as soon as he tried to get into the car, Eungi, who was a Simbok, betrayed him, and the gangsters Junseok planted stabbed Dongsu, and Dongsu ran away because he was embarrassed by the sudden attack, but he was severely injured, so he died after stabbing many times. Three years later, Sang-taek returned home from studying in the U.S., and Jun-seok was arrested on charges of aiding and abetting murder to Dong-su, and the trial continued, and Jun-seok calmly confessed his order in court, and the movie ends with Jun-seok being convicted and sentenced to death.

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